What is The Final Experiment?

The Final Experiment is a way to settle the shape of the Earth debate. Both the flat earth side and the globe side agree that whether or not there is a 24-hour sun in Antarctica will confirm if we live on a flat plane or on a globe. A 24-hour sun cannot work on a flat plane in the south. And the sun cannot set on a globe during the southern summer.

Who created The Final Experiment?

The Final Experiment was created by Will Duffy, who pastors a small church outside Denver, Colorado.

Who was invited to participate in The Final Experiment?

24 flat earthers and 24 globe earthers were handpicked to participate in TFE. They were picked as the top representatives of their respective sides. Of these 48 participants, one flat earther and one globe earther will have all expenses paid for their trip to Antarctica this December. The others can join us in Antarctica if they pay their own way.

What does the scoreboard mean?

The scoreboard is part of The Final Experiment. The live scoreboard keeps track of how many of the official 48 invited participants choose to participate in TFE.

What does it take to get on the scoreboard?

To get on the live TFE scoreboard, you must be one of the original 48 invited participants. If any of those participants does any one of the following three things, their score will be added to the scoreboard. 1. They can signup to come with us to Antarctica this December. 2. They can interview Will Duffy, the creator of TFE, on their channel. 3. They can make a public suggestion that will make our experiment a more robust experiment.

Which flat earthers were invited to participate in TFE?

We invited the following 24 flat earthers: Flat Earth Dave (David Weiss), Eric Dubay, Jeranism (Jeran Campanella), Mark Sargent, ODD TV (Matt Procella), Dean Odle, Nathan Oakley, Witsit Gets It (Austin Whitsitt), Allegedly Dave (Dave Murphy), Flat Earth Millionaire (Tanner Stewart), Matt Long, Flatzoids Perspective, Taboo Conspiracy, Eddie Bravo, Santos Bonacci, Kaleb FE, Beyond the Imaginary Curve, Kingdom In Context (Sean Griffin), Hanging On His Words (Ken Heidebrecht), Hibbeler Productions (Sean Hibbeler), Celebrate Truth (Robbie Davidson), D. Marble (Darryle Marble), Bryce Mitchell, Globebusters

Which globe earthers were invited to participate in TFE?

We invited the following 24 globe earthers: SciManDan, Professor Dave Explains (Dave Farina), Dave McKeegan, Conspiracy Toonz (MCToon), Creaky Blinder, FTFE (Craig McNeill), Wolfie6020, Red's Rhetoric, Globey McGlobeface, Globemann, Bob the Science Guy, Mr Sensible, Professor Stick, AstroKobi, InspiringPhilosophy (Michael Jones), StarTalk (Chuck Nice), Mike Winger, Scott Manley, Mick West, BlitzPhd (Dr. Blitz), Planarwalk, Answers in Genesis (Danny Faulkner), Ruslan KD, Wheres Wally

How are you getting to Antarctica?

We will be flying to Antarctica with a company called Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions. They have been taking tourists to Antarctica since 1987. Their website is https://antarctic-logistics.com/

Where will you be staying in Antarctica?

We will be at Union Glacier Camp. Union Glacier Camp is located at 79˚46’S 82˚52’W and is a 4.5-hour flight from Punta Arenas, Chile.

Can I come with TFE to Antarctica in December?

Yes! Anyone can join us in Antarctica this December for TFE. The cost is $31,495, which is the regular rate through Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions and all payments are made to them directly. If you would like to join us, contact us through our website and we will connect you with our contact at ALE.

Can we interview someone from The Final Experiment?

Yes. To interview Will Duffy, the creator of TFE, please email us at thefinalexperiment2024@gmail.com and we will get an interview scheduled.

What is the bonus scoreboard?

The bonus scoreboard is listed on our Interviews page and keeps track of how many flat earthers and how many globe earthers interview Will Duffy about The Final Experiment. Prior to TFE, both sides talked about Antarctica holding the key to the true shape of the Earth. The bonus scoreboard is a social experiment to see which side(s) will remain confident that Antarctica holds the key to ending the debate now that we are actually going to travel to Antarctica.

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